2018-2019 Tryout Information

The Pittsburgh Aviators are excited to announce our plans for a new approach to tryouts this season as we look forward to expanding our program.  Our search for talented prospects begins now.  Are the Aviators right for you?


All existing Aviators are guaranteed placement on a team next year and will have first right of refusal for roster spots.


Open registration for new players:


When Airport Ice Arena closed in 2015, the Aviators lost a good amount of our players to other larger organizations in the area. The existing loyal player base wished to keep the organization alive and we have been working hard to do so ever since by picking up ice where we can at local arenas around the city. We have now secured enough ice to be able to sustain the growth of our organization until we can find a new arena to call home.


In lieu of formal tryouts, all interested players will have the ability to register for Aviators teams once the current season ends in March, and in early April the Aviators will host an open skate for all registered players (no separate tryout fee). New players will be evaluated by our coaches to see where they will best fit into our existing player base. Players will then be assigned to a team and all team rosters will be announced in mid-April.


Players will have 48 hours from the date teams are announced to pay their $500 commitment fee to formally reserve a spot for the upcoming season. There will be no formal tryouts or tryout fees.  Players that do not pay their commitment fee in the allotted time period will be considered to have vacated their position and the Aviators will move to fill it. Once placement has been offered (and refused) a player may come back at any time and claim the spot as long as it is still available.


Players placed on lower teams may have the opportunity to move up to a higher team if a position becomes vacated at the discretion of the coaches and the Aviators board.


Once team rosters are full, we will start a supplemental/waiting list, with the hope of adding enough players to form a second team (or more). If there are not enough players to constitute a team by PAHL deadlines, the team may still choose to pursue an independent and or tournament schedule.


The Aviators will continue to hold additional supplemental tryouts as necessary to complete any rosters.


New players can be evaluated at any time!


Players interested in a spot on a team can drop-in (for a fee of $35*)  to any Pittsburgh Storm (Summer 2018) or Pittsburgh Aviators (Fall 2018) practice sessions (provided they have a valid USA Hockey Individual Member Registration (IMR) number and meet USA Hockey rostering ability). Our coaches will informally evaluate your child and give you an honest assessment of what we will be able to offer you depending on ability, relative Aviators/Storm team availability, and interest in the programs.  As long as we have a suitable position available, you can start any time, whether it is a part-time practice-only basis or as a full-time active roster participant.


For the remainder of the 2017-2018 season we will be evaluating new players at informal open skates in January, February, and March, these sessions will be at no cost*. (All players must have a valid USA Hockey Individual Member Registration (IMR) number and meet USA Hockey rostering ability).  Click here for session dates and details.


*All new players may attend one session free, additional sessions as a drop in for $35.


Feel the need to try out elsewhere? Here at the Aviators, we respect your right to search for the best opportunity for your child. Some players are curious about the tryout process or want to see how they stack up against the field at other organizations. Some are simply chasing the highest possible team. Our policy is simple. There is no try-out fee, the commitment fee is your formal way to reserve your spot.  The commitment fee is nonrefundable and should be considered insurance to hold your place, and provides us the ability to use those funds for additional ice time to recruit players to fill the spot you are vacating should you choose to do so. Considering that other larger organizations are going to charge you $125-$325  just for the privilege of trying out with them! We feel a nonrefundable deposit to hold a spot for you is fair.


All teams with at least 10 skaters and a goalie will be eligible to enter PAHL at whatever level they are capable of competing at. In the event a team falls short of these requirements (9 or fewer skaters and/or no goalie due to players vacating positions or other),  the team may still choose to run an independent schedule and tournaments. Under these circumstances the team would be able to pick up players and goalies from other teams (like free agents, as the team would not be bound by the rules and regulations of a formal league (i.e. PAHL) where roster restrictions ensure competitive play. The team will still share practice ice with other teams in the association.  Everyone is guaranteed a full team experience with 20-30 games and 30-60 hours of practice. There will be no refunds for teams that fail to meet the player requirements for PAHL.



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